Granny Flats

(Small Second Dwellings up to 60sqm)

While conventional homes are permanent on site dwellings, these small second dwellings provide you with the luxury of having a home that can be moved anywhere, or remain as a permanent dwelling for anyone to live in including a tenant.

At Todd Devine Homes, family always comes first. Our range of Granny Flats is the perfect option to keep your dependent family close while offering you the luxury of having your own space.


*Permit requirements are subject to local authority regulations.

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  • Pricing from $112,301
  • Designed for installation, whether on-site or transported, to integrate with properties that already have a main dwelling.
  • Smaller in size, enabling construction in most backyards.
  • Relief from loneliness.
  • Security and comforted.
  • Freedom of independent living.
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Granny Flats



Why portable Granny Flats?

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